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Walmay Architectural Products Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated business that was established in 1978. Over the past few years we have diversified and experienced rapid market growth and acceptance, thanks to our reputation of quality products.

We are suppliers of premium grade Entrance Matting, Stairnosing’s, Tactile Indicators and Carpark Accessories, to the commercial construction industry, and our mission is to enhance the working environment. We believe that the public built environment should be safer, more accessible and user friendly. The range of products that Walmay supplies, allows us to provide our clients with a solution to making a clean safe statement to their project and ultimately to increase performance.

Our industry-leading attention to detail ensures that architects, builders, designers and contractors make the right selection for aesthetics, product quality and installation while maintaining and exceeding relevant standards and codes. With core values of quality and integrity, the company offers an unrivalled portfolio of products and exceptional service to its clients.

The team at Walmay understands that every project you work on becomes part of your portfolio and gives you something to be proud of, so we are here to work closely with our clients to deliver the best possible outcome and become part of the project success.


- Product Presentations

- Full In House Estimating

- Product Advisory

- Luminance Testing

- Installation

- Certification and Warranty


Walmay have extensive experience specifying and installing Heavy Duty Entrance Matting in all market sectors, with an impressive portfolio of clients built up over the past 35 years. With every environment requiring individual attention to detail, experience and market knowledge is paramount to ensure optimum performance, every time.

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