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Hong Kong Interior Design Week 2021

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Interior design universally entails quality of life through embedding beauty around us. From simplistic, down-to-earth perspectives to elaborate designs, not only is one’s taste for their life reflected, but also acts as an independent display of art.

Organised by Hong Kong Interior Design Association, HKIDW 2021 brings forth a multitude of events displaying Hong Kong’s internationally renowned interior design scene to the public. 20th-22nd August (Friday to Sunday), HKIDW 2021 will take place at Hall 5G of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai and is free for public visiting.

HKIDW 2021 embraces 5 forums, 8 workshops for the interested to learn and experience interior design.


- Education: Interior Design Pedagogy

- Design Thinking from International Awards Winners

- Thinking: Hong Kong Young Power

- Culture: East Design Gathering

- Keynote: Hospitality & Retail Design


- Creative Place-making Ideas

- Disassemble for Assemble – Transformation of Daily Objects for Spatial Design

- Coffee Grounds Ornament Planting Workshop

- Design by Pen – Creative Sketching Practice

- Introduction to Chinese Woodwork Tools

- Introduction to Chinese Wood Finishing Techniques


- The Design Legends

- Global Award Design Showcase

- Creative Collection

- My Favourite Interior Space in Hong Kong

For more information about the HKIDW visit

In this summer, take a trip in an artsy journey of “interior design”

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