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Lock It Down! Make the Safe Choice with These Smart Security Devices


As we progress into the future and develop new technology and AI capabilities, smart home security system designs are becoming more and more advanced and accessible for the public. No longer are fingerprint and face scanners, high tech cameras and locks confined to the realm if Hollywood. It is now very cost effective to DIY home automation, including your security, and control everything from your smart phone. We take you through some of the best smart security devices on the market today and how you can include them in your home design.

Smart Doorbell

The world’s population is growing and cities are becoming denser, causing people to downsize into smaller living spaces. For this reason, smart doorbells are becoming a popular part of a home security system. Uncomplicated and easy to install, smart doorbells usually come with all the DIY tools you need to install it in your home, including drill bit, level, screws and screwdriver. Smart doorbell systems can either connect straight to your smart phone via an app, or connect to a corresponding screen inside the home. For smart doorbell and door monitoring devices, we can’t go past the Comelit’s range of doorbells, especially the Mini WiFi. Not only does this smart device alert you to guests at your door, but has facial recognition technology and can be connected with your other smart security devices, including the Amazon Alexa. This device doesn’t require external power, so the only thing you need to do is fasten it to the wall.

The Comelit Mini WiFi on Archify

The Comelit Mini WiFi on Archify

Smart Lock

Locks are the most essential aspect of security systems. Without locks, all other security devices would just be for show. While there’s nothing that beats the humble lock and key, there are several products that augment your locks with technology, providing extra convenience and security. Many people are hesitant when it comes to smart locks or keypads. By definition, they require power to operate and could potentially lock the user out of their own home in the event of a power failure. Not only that, but signals can be intercepted and hacked. Smart lock companies are continuously coming up with security solutions to prevent this from happening, with offline modes or reserve power and manual back up locks. One of the easiest ways to prevent hacking is to encrypt your passwords, using two factor authentication (such as a text to your mobile number), or at the very least avoid using plaintext (passwords in a clear and readable format). When it comes to choosing home smart locks, not much compares to the LOCKLY Secure Lux. This all-in-one smart lock comes with 5 different ways to unlock, including a biometric fingerprint scanner, access card, keypad, smartphone Bluetooth and a mechanical key. Smart locks are unfortunately very difficult to DIY, and will require a professional to install.

The LOCKLY SecureLUX on Archify

The LOCKLY SecureLUX on Archify

Smart Camera

Wireless, Bluetooth and WiFi technology has advanced the versatility and practicality of security cameras for home security use. It wasn’t too long ago that security cameras required them to be connected to a circuit and streamed directly to a bulky home security system, and recorded on tapes. With cloud technology and smart phone capabilities, cameras can run 24/7. Not only can you monitor your security wherever you like, but AI technology alerts you to activity on the camera, and can tell the difference between an intruder and objects blowing in the wind. The Frame 360 camera from LifeSmart has all the capabilities of standard smart security cameras, plus two way voice, IR night vision and can rotate 360 degrees, making it a robust choice for a home smart camera.

Lifesmart Frame 360 Smart Camera on Archify

The Lifesmart Frame 360 Smart Camera on Archify

Advanced Security

When it comes to commercial buildings, home security systems aren’t going to cut it. Not only do commercial buildings need to have locks, alarms and cameras, but they need to allow access to multiple different people, each with varying clearance to particular areas. This requires a complex solution, usually arranged by an outsourced security company. Security systems like the MorphoWave Compact offer advanced biometric identification and fraud detection, which can identify 3D masks (sorry, Tom Cruise), while remaining completely contactless.

Idema MorphoWave security system on Archify

The Idema MorphoWave Compact on Archify

Choosing the right smart security system for a home is a matter of research and requirements. Make sure the products you purchase are contributing to the security of the home, and not compromising it or making it needlessly complicated. If your home security devices aren’t secure, then neither is your home. Budget products should be examined carefully to determine their resistance to hacking or interference. However, when it comes to security systems, deterrence is a valuable tool and the simple presence of a smart home security system will deter more skittish burglars.   

Tomas Kuru
As the Marketing Coordinator for Archify, Tomas Kuru oversees and implements Archify’s digital marketing strategies. A writer at heart with a passion for media, Tomas graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in journalism and has since written on many subjects.
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