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GEZE ActiveStop Aufliegend | Holztür | Montage

17 Nov 2020 by GEZE

GEZE ActiveStop bringt mehr Komfort in ein Zuhause und das ohne Kompromisse. Knallende Türen, eingeklemmte Finger und Macken in Wänden oder Möbeln gehören der Vergangenheit an. GEZE ActiveStop vereint Funktionalität, Sicherheit und Ästhetik – und macht einen ganz neuen Türkomfort erlebbar.

We have been a successful and financially healthy family-run business since 1863, that has proven itself worldwide over the years. We network everyone involved in all the phases of the building life cycle and achieve outstanding results with our industry and specialist knowledge. What sets us apart: we get involved with our customers’ projects at an early stage, and stay involved for longer. We offer innovative door, window and safety technology for Smart Buildings. While remaining consistent, we are always curious, dynamic and open to the latest trends, developments and markets.We employ over 3,000 people worldwide. We have manufacturing sites at our headquarters in Leonberg as well as in Tianjin (China), Zrenjanin (Serbia) and Turkey. Our 32 subsidiaries are located all around the world: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Poland, China, Korea, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Hungary, India, Romania, Ukraine, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, Turkey. Our local offices ensure we are always close to our customers and can offer excellent service on site.GEZE employs around 1,300 people at its main site in Leonberg, just outside Stuttgart. This is the where our international headquarters are located, including development, production, distribution and administration. We also have six branches in Germany.


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