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Why It is Important to Install Integrated Bidet on Your Toilet Seat

One of the most recent and impactful development of toilet is the innovation of a bidet toilet seat. While bidet is quite an aged invention in the Europe back in the 17th century, the bidet being a separate fixture from the toilet itself is quite a nuisance in terms of practicality and plumbing and thus not easily adopted worldwide. It is until early 1980s that Japan introduce an electronic and integrated bidet on the toilet that this innovation became more practical.

While the widespread use is still prominent in many Asian and European countries, many still choose the conventional toilet and the use of toilet paper, or in some countries, a jet washer beside the toilet. Here, we will discuss some important reason for you to consider installing a bidet toilet seat.

Environmentally friendly

Several research in regards of the environmental impact of toilet paper has come with staggering results. As a starter, one person in the US could use up to two rolls of toilet paper per week. This adds up to at least 25.000 trees to be cut down every day to produce the same amount of toilet paper we use. Here, bidet toilet seat become a reasonable alternative to reduce or even stop the use of toilet paper. Instead of wiping for cleaning, toilet paper can be used only for drying purpose.

Comes with many features for comfort and hygiene

An integrated bidet on a toilet seat has seen many new developments on additional features these days. From self-cleaning, warm seat, deodorizer, up to a toilet seat that could play music, there is a plethora of choice that could elevate your toilet experience. But bear in mind that the more sophisticated the features are, the higher the price tag of the bidet toilet seat will be.

Affordable Options are Abundant

If an automated electronic bidet toilet seat is out of your budget, there are numerous options that purely serve as an integrated bidet to your toilet. This basic bidet toilet seat usually comes with a knob or switch for a manual operation to extend or retract the bidet for use. 

Easy to Install on any Toilet

Many sanitary ware brands nowadays provide bidet toilet seat as a separate product from the toilet itself. Moreover, most of these products are made to be compatible and easy to install on most of existing toilet at home.