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About My One

Myone, which joined the Benincà group in 2013, is the go-to company for solutions for automatic pedestrian doors. It is supported by the group’s cutting-edge research and development department in designing products and systems to improve the mobility of things and people. Its products, which are aimed at professionals, can also meet end users’ requirements for ease of use and technological innovation and design.

100% Made in Italy

All the Myone systems are made entirely in Italy with rigorous control of the components and the manufacturing process, a system of excellence that marks all the Benincà group companies and guarantees the safety and reliability of our products.

Safety and Compliance

Regulations for automatic gates and opening are becoming increasingly strict. Manufacturers have to develop systems that are compliant with directives and make entrances safe. All the Myone operators meet EN16005 standards and are CE-certified.

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