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About Sminn

SMINN, innovative in electronics

SMINN products combine knowledge with a creative, innovative spirit and know-how. Elson Electrónica considers the technology applied to R&D&I processes as a path to innovate and provide practical, creative and innovative solutions.

In addition, our technical support team and our wide portfolio distributed in five families facilitates the solution you need.

SMINN by Elson

SMINN is the range of products designed and manufactured by Elson Electrónica. A company with a great technical capability and proved experience for more than 35 years. Their know-how is reflected in the design of the products, in their development and industrialization. Elson offers a global service to SMINN, this way knowledge and control of the product is maximized.

SMINN technology

Technology is essential in our sector. Having and applying all the technological improvements to our products is a basic need. Our added value is that we understand the technology applied to the R&D&I processes as a way to innovate and provide practical, creative and innovative solutions.

SMINN security

Security is one of the pillars of our philosophy. SMINN develops all its products with the most advanced tools and with total control in the production cycle, guaranteeing maximum reliability and operational safety.

SMINN design

SMINN products are designed taking special care of the functional and aesthetic aspects. We develop them so that their installation and use is safe and simp

The origins of the SMINN brand date back to 1982, the year in which Elson Electrónica was founded, the company that designs and manufactures SMINN products. Elson Electrónica was born as an electronic and audio systems company but its evolution has led to design and produce electronic equipment for sectors as diverse as machine tools, public works, railways and automation. Framed in this last sector the birth of the SMINN brand took place in 2010.

About Company

MATIC merupakan salah satu divisi khusus PT Barcon Tridaya Solusindo yang didirikan sejak tahun 1996. Saat ini kami telah melayani hampir ±300 pelanggan dari berbagai macam bidang usaha maupun perorangan. Kami lebih menitik-beratkan pelayanan dalam hal mutu, baik jasa maupun barang, serta memberikan solusi terbaik yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan pelanggan.

Visi Perusahaan

Menjadi supplier dan installer produk otomatis ''one-stop-solution'' professional terbaik di Indonesia.

Misi Perusahaan

Memenuhi kebutuhan pelanggan dengan sistem “one stop shopping” sehingga memudahkan pelanggan dalam memenuhi seluruh kebutuhannya.

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