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Five Tips to Create a Safe Playroom



Children need a room for playing because doing fun activities is part of their development process. Therefore, a lot of parents set up a playroom for their kids at home. Not only functioning as a storage room for dolls and toys, a playroom should be safe as well.

A playroom design doesn’t have to be grand, but it has to be functional and safe. This can be achieved by choosing the right material, furniture, layout, and accessories that minimise the risk of injury or health issues. Here are some of the tips.

Choose the right material

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The material that you should be careful with is the finishing and wall paints. If you want to have customised furniture, make sure that the material and finishing is made of safe and eco-friendly substances. There are a lot of odour-free and formaldehyde-free types of Duco finishing available in the market nowadays. The same goes for wall paint. Choose one with low-VOC (volatile organic compound) so that it is safe for children to touch and is also easy to clean.

Also pay attention to the hardness of the material. The ones safe for children should be those that are not too hard and with no sharp corners. Choose furniture made of safe materials such as wood or polypropylene plastic. For chairs, go for those with cloth material and soft paddings.

Choose the right furniture size

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The types of furniture should be selected carefully. There are at least two points to consider while choosing furniture for a playroom, namely design and size. The storage, for example, should be easily accessible. Therefore, tailoring the size of the furniture is important. Choose sturdy and firm furniture that is safe to step on or climb. On top of that, avoid furniture with holes or gaps in case children put their fingers or hands into one of them and get stuck.

Choice the right accessories

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Like the other rooms at home, accessories may also be necessary. Find accessories with round edges and made of rust-free materials. If there is a carpet in the playroom, make sure you choose a carpet with textures that don’t shed easily. This is particularly important for children who have allergies.

Layout the playroom correctly

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Adequate space for movement in the playroom should also be ensured. Children are usually active and move a lot, so it is better not to place too much furniture. A table, a chair and toy storage should be sufficient for a playroom. Make sure that there aren’t tangled or visible cables on the floor. Also cover the electric sockets. In addition to this, cross ventilation may also be needed to improve air circulation.

Consider toy Storage

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Unorganised toys, besides looking messy, can also trip children over. To prevent this, complete the playroom with some storage like a cupboard. You can also choose a multifunctional storage, such as a table with cabinets under it. Keep your children’s book collection in a hanging bookshelf. You can customise shelves to suit your needs so they not only be functional but also appealing.

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