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Seven Tips to Keep Your House Cool in the Dry Season


During the dry season, you will surely want to keep your house cool. The most practical way would be by turning on the air conditioner. But, keeping the air conditioner on for all day long could increase your electricity bill. Don’t worry, you can still keep your house cool without using much air conditioner. Here are some of the tips, hope they help!

Choose the Right Curtains

Seven Tips to Keep Your House Cool in the Dry Season


This is the simplest way to avoid solar heat gain in a dry season. You can use fabric curtains or roller blinds. There are several types of curtains, such as sheer, semi-blackout and blackout. Sheer and semi-blackout curtain are usually made of thin transparent cloth so they are more suitable for rooms with low intensity of sun light. Meanwhile, for rooms exposed to direct sunlight, choose blackout curtains to cover the windows.

Avoid Using Fluorescent Light

Fluorescent lamps emit warm yellow light. This lamp brings out a cosy dim effect in the room. However, fluorescent light also emits heat that can increase the temperature of the room. Therefore, it is better to avoid using this light and use LED lamps instead, which is also energy efficient.

Add More Plants at Home

Seven Tips to Keep Your House Cool in the Dry Season


Placing some plants inside the house or around the house is the easiest and the most effective way to cool the house. Shade trees in the yard could prevent excessive sun light getting into the house. On the other hand, the green colour can help freshen up the interior. For indoor plants, make sure that you select the right plants. Recommended types of plants are sansevieria, monstera, and philodendron.

Change Your Bed Sheet Routinely

A simple but quite effective way to freshen up the room is by routinely changing the bed sheet and pillowcase. Bed sheets that are rarely changed can lose its softness and feel less comfortable and stuffy on your skin. Changing bed sheet and pillowcase is also a way to keep the bed clean. The fragrance of the newly washed linens will also improve the bedroom ambience.

Paint Colour

Seven Tips to Keep Your House Cool in the Dry Season


Wall colour can also affect room’s temperature. It is preferable to choose light-coloured paint for your room, for example white, light blue, and light green. Light colours give a cosy impression to the room that could reduce the heat in the house.

Wet the Floor

Another simple way to cool down the house is by wetting or mopping the floor. Water can help to decrease the temperature in a room. Floors that have been mopped will look clean and comfortable to step on. That way, although the air outside is hot, the occupants will still feel cosy staying inside the house.

Minimize the Use of Electronics

Electronics that are turned on emit heat that can also raise the temperature in a room. Try to minimize the use of electronics and turn off the lights whenever you can. Besides blocking the heat, you can also save your house’s electricity consumption.

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