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Six Home Decoration Tips for Newlyweds


Moving into a new house after getting married must be an exciting moment. To achieve a desirable home arrangement, you might want to create a design that suits your preferences as well as your spouse’s. However, there are a few things to consider and do before you start planning your new house. Here are six home décor tips for newlyweds that can hopefully inspire you.

Setting Your Budget

The most important first step before planning and decorating your new home is setting your budget. Initial budget calculation will make it easier for you to manage your expenses and make sure that the work goes as planned. Budgeting can also help determine the best house concept that suits your taste but still within your budget limit. By setting your budget from the outset, you can prepare the strategy to get the optimum result for your new home arrangement.

Six Home Decoration Tips for Newlyweds


Choosing Colour Palette

Planning a house concept with your partner can be confusing if each of you has different preferences. Instead of choosing a specific home interior concept, you can plan your home’s colour palette as a solution. You can either choose neutral colour palette which makes it easier for you when you are furnishing your house; or bold colour palette if it agrees with your taste. You can also consult an interior designer or an architect to decide the most suitable colour palette or home interior design for you.

Shopping with Your Partner

After deciding the colour palette and the interior concept, it’s time to get the furniture and home accessories that you or your designer has planned. If possible, go shopping with your partner so that both of you can discuss while selecting the furniture and home accessories. If it’s not possible to go together, you can browse for home supplies online and decide on the pieces that you would like to buy.

Six Home Decoration Tips for Newlyweds



New home doesn’t mean that it should be furnished with new furniture and decorative items. You can always reuse furniture or accessories from your parents or from your previous home. If necessary, repaint the furniture to make it look new. You can also mix and match old and new furniture to create a boho interior look.

Prioritising the Rooms

While planning a new home, you don’t have to work on all rooms at the same time. Prioritise the rooms that you and your partner will use most frequently, such as the master bedroom and the living room. After these two rooms are settled, you can start decorating other rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom.

Six Home Decoration Tips for Newlyweds


Adding a Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch like family photos or travelling photos in frames can make your home feel cosier. If you and your partner love art, a painting or an artwork can also be a great choice. These personal touches will make your home feel special for you.

Those are a few home décor tips for the newlyweds. Decorating a house together will for sure make your home appear more personal and comfortable. You can also visit Archify to get more tips on mix and matching interior design. You can find architects and interior designers ready to help you realise a cosy and pleasant home. Happy decorating your first home!

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