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About Asuwaris

The Leading Toilet Cubicle Manufacturer in Malaysia


Our Toilet Cubicle Systems are designed to provide maximum flexibility to suit the different needs of our customers. With a wide selection of colors and finishes, our cubicle will complement any design and concept. Our experienced personnel will maximize the potential of your space to create functional and aesthetic interiors in accordance to the client's need.


In our efforts to preserve the environment, we have introduced several internal recycling initiatives. We regularly assess the environmental impact resuting from our business operations and always strive to improve our working practices so they are geared towards a green world. We also source materials from sustainable, certified non-controversial sources and implement good environmental standards in all activities.


The value we offer our customers is evidenced by numerous projects we have successfully completed with various local authorities and private companies who demand the highest quality of workmanship and value for money. These are the standards we consistently achieve and maintain for all our valued customers.

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