When you are renovating or building a new home, one of the most difficult moments is choosing the right flooring products. It is not at all easy to select from countless flooring products on the market, including finishes, effects and textures. Flooring in one way or another has a decisive influence on the style you want to give to the home. Below we have curated a selection of flooring products normally used to cover the interior floors of houses with their characteristics.


Ceramic tile is one of the most obvious flooring products for covering the floors of your home. With excellent resistant characteristics, it is a very workable material, which adapts to any furnishing style thanks to the wide range of colors proposed. The most classic type of ceramic is terracotta, certainly suitable for a country or rustic style of home. Terracotta tiles are made of baked common clay, which can be left as it is for an opaque effect, or coated with a glassy material to give it a smooth and shiny effect. Another type of ceramic is majolica tiles made with a process that involves two firings. In the first firing the clay is cooked, while in the second the glaze that covers it. In this way, tiles with particular decorations are created, undoubtedly suitable for classic furnishings.


Porcelain stoneware is a part of the ceramic family because a clay mixture is always used as a base to which specific substances are added that make it more resistant. It is a highly versatile flooring products suitable for all styles of home. It is in fact offered in a wide range of finishes and effects, ranging from wood effect, stone effect, resin effect, as well as concrete and metal.


For timeless beauty, a marble floor gives the house charm and elegance. A marble floor is suitable for luxury homes and is often used to cover the floor of large halls or the entrance. It is undoubtedly an expensive flooring product due to the high costs of extraction, processing and installation. Being a natural stone, it is available in different colors and finishes. From classic whites, pinks and beiges to brighter colors and brighter shades of yellow, green or blue. A mosaic marble floor is particularly elegant and really allows you to create customized and particular designs.


We always remain in the natural environment by talking about wooden floor. Parquet was born in France in the 1500s and gradually spread throughout Europe in luxury residences. Today this kind of wooden flooring products is synonymous with warmth and is in fact more and more widespread and used. It is usually mainly used in bedrooms, but we do not exclude the possibility of placing it throughout the home. Parquet has a lower resistance than other materials, especially to scratching and wear. In any case, with little attention and maintenance, the floor retains its beauty over time.