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About Sengdek

SJ Classic Industries Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1997 in Malaysia. Essentially, SJ Classic is an expanded business from a sole proprietorship which was primarily dealing in construction of factory and sub-contracting of many other construction related works.

Over the years, SJ Classic Industries had fully transformed into a manufacturing company. Now, our core activity of business is dealing in manufacturing and selling metal roofing product. As a family-owned company that was created out of passion for home building and home improvement, SJ Classic only offers highest quality and affordable metal roofing products for market. Thanks to years of experience in manufacturing metal roofing products, SJ Classic has developed a profound understanding of market needs. A variety of product types with countless color and pattern combinations are developed to meet diverse market preferences. As a leading manufacturer of metal roofing products, SJ Classic has roofed many heads in Malaysia and make sure they are safe and secure from the harshest of natural elements.

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