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About Vitally

Vitally Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Aluminium Home Products and artistic Eco Art Panel in Malaysia which is headquartered in Muar, Johor. As a result of our commitment to the business over the years, we have successfully established ourselves as a trusted partner with property developers, interior designers and key players in the industry.

The origins of Vitally Group started in 1993, when the company’s core business was in the trading of construction materials. As business progressed, we recognized that there is a huge business opportunity for aluminium products such as aluminium furniture and aluminium door which simultaneously, are sustainable and environmental friendly. Thus, in 2003, Vitally Group was officially registered and is focusing on the manufacturing and supplying of Aluminium Home Products.

To further strengthen the Group’s competitive advantages, Vitally Industries Sdn Bhd was set up in 2012 to venture upstream into the manufacturing of eco-friendly composite panel, or better known as Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP).

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