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Legge’s Luxe. Portfolio of Finishes – Embracing brass

17 Oct 2019 by Allegion

Exposing the hidden elements of construction such as steel beams and lighting wiring can create a life of its own, build dramatic styles and make a bold statement. To enhance this industrial look, embrace the beauty of raw and unfinished metals such as steel and brass in any interior commercial and residential space.

Brass is one of the latest design trends to re-emerge in recent years. From bathrooms to furniture, the gold hues of brass gives a sense of glam with an earthy feel, and can perfectly link with both vintage and modern industrial looks. It can also suitably match with many elements of industrial design, including concrete, steel and wood.

 Legge’s recently launched Luxe. Portfolio of Finishes for its entire door hardware range includes two brass finishes – satin brass and polished brass, both available lacquered or unlacquered.

What is the difference between satin and polished brass finishes?

Satin brass gives the appearance of a raw, less shiny finish. The grain in the satin finish adds character, while a polished finish gives a mirror effect. The theme of the design concept will dictate which finish you choose.

Legge’s Luxe. Portfolio of Finishes – Embracing brass

Should I choose an unlacquered or a lacquered finish?

A lacquer effectively seals the metal, meaning it won’t age significantly during its life time. However, the natural tendency of brass is to show some imperfections, so unlacquered as a ‘living finish’ will age organically over time. This aging process can give a sense of life and history to the hardware, and match other design elements more seamlessly.

What about the use of brass in wet areas such as bathrooms?

Like all metal finishes, ongoing maintenance is recommended, but brass is generally not tough to take care of. ‘Living finishes’ will age differently in wetter and drier areas.


What is Legge’s Luxe. Porfolio of Finishes?

The Legge range of door furniture is now available in seven plated finishes – satin chrome, chrome, satin brass, polished brass, antique bronze, oil rubbed bronze and satin black chrome. For more information, visit https://www.allegion.co.nz/luxe

Legge’s Luxe. Portfolio of Finishes – Embracing brass

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