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School lockdown – the foundation of a security plan

17 Oct 2019 by Allegion

Access control is the way a school manages credentials and the access and egress of its staff, students, and visitors daily. It’s the most critical aspect of any school safety strategy. However, in the event of an emergency, access control is not enough. A security plan requires a lockdown strategy to manage the comings and goings of each opening on demand, in the moment, as soon as the emergency arises.

 Any lockdown strategy should be based on two critical aspects:

  • Security layers - Every education facility can be broken down into exterior and interior layers. When creating a lockdown strategy, it is critical to include these layers in your planning process.
  • People and protocols - A school’s ability to activate lockdown relies on the people and protocols they have in place. Protocols must be clearly established and regularly practiced. Likewise, whichever solutions they have, they need trained people    who can properly execute them in the event of an emergency.

The importance of lockdown cannot be overstated. It directly impacts a school’s ability to safeguard students, staff and visitors within its walls.


Allegion offers several lockdown options for Australian education providers:

  • Manual lockdown - Keys and mechanical hardware lock down a room or space. While the speed of the lockdown can depend on how fast staff can get to a door, it is the most economic option.
  • Remote lockdown - A standalone, electronic solution providing instant local lockdown. The lockdown is activated by a fob within proximity of the door, and is the most economical electronic solution.
  • Centralised lockdown – An industry leading, centralised electronic solution providing lockdown in seconds across the entire facility.


How do education providers recognise the need for a lockdown solution?

  • If the door hardware requires an individual to step out of the room to lock the door
  • Hardware with no ability to restrict who locks or unlocks the door
  • The hardware has been prevented to latch (which breaches fire ratings)
  • Doors that do not automatically close
  • Hardware that is not permanently attached to the door
  • Door hardware that slows down entering or leaving a room during an emergency

For decades, Allegion have been helping schools throughout Australia and New Zealand evaluate needs and with specific facilities, working with budgets and individual requirements.


Contact Allegion for support on developing a secure, strategic and smart solution.


Allegion (NYSE: ALLE) helps keep people safe where they live, work and visit.  Allegion is pioneering safety as a provider of security solutions through 23 brands in almost 130 countries.  Allegion’s portfolio includes Briton®, FSH®, Brio®, LCN®, Legge®, Schlage® and Von Duprin®.  For more, visit allegion.com.au

While Allegion is a new name in the security industry, we are not new. For over a century, we have kept people safe and secure with category leading products. From inventing the “panic release bar” exit device in 1908 to pioneering the first-ever electric-controlled lock, our brands have been innovators for almost as long as people have locked doors. Their entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of who we are.As an independent Allegion, we are able to unlock our company’s true potential. By tapping into that entrepreneurial spirit that has made us the leader in mechanical security, we will continue to drive forward and integrate tomorrow’s electronic solutions into everything we do. Our long history of expertise in the commercial industry enables us to have better quality, stronger, and safer products for our residential customers.  Together, with the power and passion of our global employees, we will realize Allegion’s full potential as we continue to be a leader in the global safety and security industry.


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