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About Austaron Surfaces

Established in 2003 Austaron Surfaces are the supplier of quality surfaces and finishes to the building industry

Partnering with world leading brands, we’re passionate about representing our product range that are a key part of creating beautiful spaces in both interior and exterior applications.

Our product range is included into many industry segments: retail, healthcare, educational, entertainment, food service, office fit-outs and residential projects to name a few.

About Staron Solid Surface

Staron Solid Surface is both attractive and durable, perfectly suited to many applications within the home. The ideal surface and benchtop solution, Staron’s joining properties provide a material with no open joins. Eliminate dirt-trapping crevices and create long monolithic surfaces that can extend into integrated Staron sinks and splashbacks.

Made from a blend of pure mineral and premium acrylic resin, the nature of Staron offers for a non-porous easily maintained and seam free hygienic surface.

Staron® Solid Surfaces are Group 1 Fire rated to AS5637.1 (AUS) & Group 1S Fire rated to C/VM2 (NZ)

About Mario Romano Walls

Adding texture to your project is as simple as selecting from any of Mario Romano’s collection. Designs are then routed into any colour from the Staron Solid Surface range, custom designs are also easily achievable. Manufactured locally, your selected design is applied into large format panels, a patented joining system interconnects each panel, concealing joins to create the finished design. With unlimited scale and all the product benefits of Staron, Mario Romano Walls creates a tactile and visual artwork that can be applied to an array of applications.

About Acrylic Couture

A stunning selection of acrylic glass panels, showcasing a collection of hand selected premium quality and ethically sourced metallic fabrics, decorative particulates and feathers encased in a crystal clear high-quality acrylic glass. Manufactured in Italy, Acrylic Couture offers a standout feature for your project.

About Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh

Kaynemaile architectural mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. The modern chainmail fabric consists of interlinked polycarbonate rings formed seamlessly to create a strong yet highly flexible mesh sheet. Unlimited design potential paired with high-performance attributes makes Kaynemaile ideal for interior partitions, ceiling features, and building exteriors. Screens can be made to any height or width without joins. In line with the company’s minimal waste philosophy, Kaynemaile mesh can be completely recycled at the end of its life.

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