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SPACE STEP Creates Storage and Improves Accessibility in One Easy Step

29 Jul 2020 by Blum

Blum solves the problem with SPACE STEP.

Now available in New Zealand, this versatile system combines a step platform and pull-out drawer. You simply install it in the toe-kick of base units, where it can be integrated with SERVO-DRIVE, BLUMOTION or TIP-ON BLUMOTION motion technologies to provide a step that seems to appear from nowhere.

Functionality is built-in. As well as enabling children to reach benchtops without dragging a stool across the floor, SPACE STEP opens up new possibilities for high-level storage. Cabinets can be built up to ceiling height to house infrequently used items while remaining easily accessible with the use of the built-in step at floor level. The platform is engineered to bear up to 150kg while the secure locking system keeps the step platform in place when just eight kilograms of weight is applied.

SPACE STEP creates storage possibilities in every room of the house – from the kitchen to the garage. With design options to match the cabinetry it’s housed within, the system is unobtrusive when not in use. It can be specified with flush, recessed and recessed low toe-kicks, to create an aesthetically appealing unit.

For more space and less hassle, specify SPACE STEP.

Blum was founded 70 years ago by Julius Blum and has become a well known and trusted innovative family-owned company that operates on an international scale. Our hardware solutions make opening and closing cabinetry a mesmerising experience and deliver high quality of living and enhanced user convenience to kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and other living areas. Blum's storage range is complemented by extensive support services. Our continuous product developments aim to help bring your innovative ideas to life by combining our cabinetry hardware with your designs and creativity. Let's work together and move ideas.Blum.com


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