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Today’s vision will remain tomorrows reality with Trespa Meteon & Profix PXF Cladding Systems.

19 Jun 2020 by Decortech

Give your school its own image. Trespa’s wide product range enables you to colours, finishes and effects, with over 150 different colours, from Uni-colours, Focus, Lumen, Metallic’s, Naturals and Wood Decors mean Trespa can fit within, play off or enhance any colour scheme.

Recently completed Kaiapoi High School, Baldasso Cortese Noordanus specified Profix PXF with Trespa’s Uni Colours Gold Yellow & Cyclam Satin to create show stopping entrances. Pure White & Anthracite Grey panels was used on the building along with the natural Wood Grain French Walnut Matt panels creating a beautiful contrast and allowing the entrances colours to really pop!

Profix PXF screw fixed flat panel façade system is a 35mm timber cavity batten system specifically designed for use with Trespa Meteon panels. Profix PXF and Trespa Meteon panels make it easy to create stunning, low maintenance facades while ensuring simple installations in a timely manner.

“When looking to specify an exterior cladding for Kaiapoi High school our priorities were a product that was durable, robust, and provided low maintenance for the client in the future. We however wanted a material palette that was playful and could allow a statement to be made to the entrance as a wayfinding element. Trespa Meteon had the right balance of all and with the use of the Wood Décor and Uni colours we had the ability to create fresh and fun new facilities for Kaiapoi High Schools Campus.” – Ursula Adams Architect at Baldasso Cortese Noordanus

Features & Benefits of Trespa Meteon Panels;

Maximum design freedom

Weather Resistant

Impact Resistant

Graffiti Resistant

Colour Stable

Low Maintenance

Sustainable – FSC, PEFC, ISO 9001 & ISO14001 Certified


 Tested and compliant with AS/NZS 4284:2008 Fletcher Aluminium Laboratory Test Report No. T487

 Tested and compliant with NZBC E2/VM1: 2011 Fletcher Aluminium Laboratory Test Report No. T488

 Les Boulton Durability Appraisal Report No. 141102

 Chris W Howell & Associates - PS1 Design - Producer Statement 14438

 Trespa® Grey Scale Rating (Florida cycle) of 4-5

 Trespa® Meteon® Product Guarantee

New Zealand
Décortech have been Market Leaders in decorative, acoustic and Fire Retardant wall and ceiling linings since 2002. Décortech offers a complete program of decorative, acoustic and fire resistant panels, combined with standard or fully customised perforations to suit your design requirements. Our years of experience means we have in place a stringent process to minimise errors in the manufacturing and delays on site. Shop drawings for every panel are included in our service to ensure that the panels are made right, first time. This process has been invaluable to our installers as potentially costly mistakes are picked up on paper and fixed before they become problems during construction.When working with Real Timber Veneer, Décortech work closely with architects to ensure the best outcome. We have in place a control sample archive for completed projects to help minimise veneer inconsistencies should extra panels be required at a later date. Décortech will also work closely with suppliers of other veneered items to ensure a better project consistency.All standard Décortech panels have been tested for Acoustic performance by Marshall Day Acoustics making it easy to specify panels to achieve required NRC and open area values.The Décortech Paintline is used to pre-finish most of our panels. The Paintline allows us to provide a high quality finish with a computer controlled application giving a perfect, run free appearance every time. Our specially developed UV cured paint or clear finishes are hard wearing, scratch resistant and ensure a dust free final product. Panels come off the line dry allowing us to keep lead times to a minimum. Pre-finished Décortech panels mean a controllable and pre-determined panel appearance and finish quality.At Décortech we have years of experience behind us and have been part of some of New Zealand’s most prestigious projects We have delivered many high end commercial projects building a reputation for quality. In 2010 we completed Wellington Airport, one of our most demanding projects. There were over 500 shop drawings created to achieve the complex and unique angled triangular panels. The results are outstanding and well worth the effort.At Décortech we have the ability to make your project come to life. Talk to us today for further information or to request samples on 0800 211 311.


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