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New Brighton Clock Tower

26 Aug 2021 by Equus Industries

The Heritage Clock Tower building located in the seaside suburb of New Brighton, Christchurch has been fully restored and reopened in mid-2020 after it was damaged in the Christchurch Earthquakes of 2011.

After decades of exposure to the seaside environment, cavities had formed in the concrete causing significant corrosion to the structural steel. This caused the tower to be extremely susceptible to damage during the Canterbury Earthquakes in 2011. Major repairs that began in July 2019, have brought this building back to its former glory, complete with the original colour scheme painted in the Equus Keim Granital Mineral coatings system.

The Keim Granital coating is a sustainable, mineral silicate paint, that leaves a durable, colourfast and water-repellent, protective finish on any mineral substrate in both renovations or new construction.

The Mineral silicate coatings will allow the concrete substrate to breathe and extend the life of the coating system by protecting the surface from the severe environmental conditions that are associated with a seaside location.

The Roof Dome on the top of the Clock Tower was also waterproofed with the Chevaline Dexx membrane; a robust, economical waterproofing solution suitable for a variety of situations. Dexx is a liquid applied membrane, with fiberglass reinforcement designed to be tough, flexible and provide a long life waterproofing solution. Chevaline Dexx can be tinted to suit any colour palette but is most commonly used in our standard grey 00-A05.

Certified Applicator: Gunac Christchurch
Main Contractor: Cook Brothers Construction

New Brighton Clock Tower

New Brighton Clock Tower

New Brighton Clock Tower

Equus Industries
Equus Industries
New Zealand
Equus Industries provides technical waterproofing solutions for Architects, Engineers, Property Managers, and Contractors in the building industry. One system does not fit all. Equus can provide complete solutions, systems, specifications, technical support and warranties.Equus commenced business as a manufacturer of specialist coating systems for commercial buildings in 1982. This remains the main thrust of the operation with additional high quality complementary products introduced to encompass a full range of coating and waterproofing materials for all types of construction. Our range now includes solutions for roofing, tanking, flooring, carparks, coatings, decks & balconies, and concrete repair.Equus Industries markets a wide range of high build waterproof finishes, textured coatings, and protective coatings under the brand names Chevaline, Traxx, Protexx, Thermexx and Equus. Our expertise is particularly in the areas of high build acrylic coatings and membranes, waterborne epoxies and high solids one – and two component urethane coatings.Our prime objective is to supply all finishes and waterproofing materials required to protect buildings from sub-basement to roof levels for which, we have secured distribution arrangements for products from leading manufacturers around the world.Distribution of Equus products is generally to Certified Applicators who are familiar with and trained in the use of the Equus range of products. Materials are then covered under a Warranty system which is operated in conjunction with the Certified Applicator.All products are manufactured under strict Quality Assurance standards monitored and controlled by our in-house laboratory. The Company has a TQM philosophy and is at present working within the parameters of an ISO9002 framework.


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