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Gerard Roofs - Wind Performance - Hurricane Harvey, Texas (2017)

29 Oct 2019 by Gerard Roofs

Footage courtesy of RoofTG America showing New Zealand-developed pressed steel roofing that survived 2017's Hurricane Harvey in one Texas town.

Gerard Roofs
Gerard Roofs
New Zealand
Gerard Roofs is a remarkable New Zealand success story that highlights Kiwi ingenuity and our nation’s ability to take on the world. Gerard roofs are enhancing the appearance and protecting the value of homes and buildings around the globe.In this section you can learn some facts about about our company, it’s history, environmental values and our New Zealand network of certified installers.The Brainchild of a True InnovatorMore than 50 years ago, New Zealand innovator Lou Fisher produced the world’s first steel tile and established a trusted brand that would grow to become Gerard Roofs.For decades our lead has been continually maintained through ongoing innovation and relentless attention to high quality standards and service. Roofing The WorldThese days Gerard Roofs is the primary brand of the Roof Tile Group, an international manufacturing, marketing and distribution division operating in five regions with plants on four continents and sales into 127 countries.


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