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Swisspearl® High Density Fibre Cement Panels Used on Stunning New Apartments in Bondi Junction.

16 Apr 2020 by HVG Facades

It’s no surprise architects chose Swisspearl® high density fibre cement external cladding for this recently completed, multi-residential complex. Non-combustible, impact resistant and available in a huge range of colours and textures, Swisspearl provided all the durability and design flexibility the design team was looking for.

Located right next door to Bondi’s Westfield shopping centre, a façade in this busy, beachside location had to be highly durable and low-maintenance. Swisspearl fire-resistant cladding was the ideal choice. What’s more, the finishes chosen – Swisspearl’s Carat Crystal 7010 and Zenor Charcoal – create an eye-catching result against Sydney’s beautiful blue skies.

Swisspearl high-density fibre cement panels are installed using a natural and energy efficient rear-ventilated system. It’s a method that provides considerable energy savings, long after installation is complete, as well as contributing to the maximum longevity of the building’s exterior.

A multi-layer construction, the rear-ventilated system consists of a rainscreen on the outer layer in conjunction with a frame, weather resistant membrane, insulation, sub-frame and ventilated cavity underneath. This means Swisspearl cladding panels are designed to last – rain, hail or shine.

Rear-ventilated facades offer numerous distinct advantages over other facade systems including:

- thermal efficiency
- acoustic insulation
- environmental protection
- energy savings.

On top of all that, Swisspearl high-density fibre cement panels contribute to climate protection, as well as offer a great opportunity to enhance the appearance and value of a building.

So, when you’re specifying commercial cladding for your next project, look for Swisspearl ventilated façade technology and systems. Enjoy European design for the Australian landscape.

HVG Facades
HVG Facades
HVG Facades distributes a range of non-combustible, aluminium cladding and external wall cladding systems for the construction industry.Our products are used in a variety of exterior cladding, remedial and recladding applications including commercial, education, aged care, and multi residential. HVG Facades currently stocks seven cladding ranges that offer high fire performance, low maintenance and proven durability in the harsh Australian environment.Our facade range offers complete design freedom and our specialist team can provide advice on cladding choices at any stage of the project. HVG Facades is the trusted leader in the supply of external cladding materials, with local technical assistance and inventory holdings in each state ensuring full project support. We lead the way in functional, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing external wall cladding solutions for a wide range of applications.Full local technical and sales support is available in each state.


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