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Sustainable Business Network - Partnership

14 Oct 2019 by Inzide

A business campaign to increase ‘product take back’ schemes has won the support of the Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund. 

Product stewardship is when producers, brand owners, importers, retailers and/or consumers accept responsibility for reducing a product’s environmental impact.

It involves greater oversight and control throughout the whole life cycle, from production through to end of use and beyond. It means avoiding wasteful products. It means eliminating unnecessary waste. It means redesigning products. It means doing more to ensure products and materials are recycled or reused.

The Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund has granted $160,000 to the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) for a two-year campaign to promote this. The work will include a national product stewardship roadshow. This aims to increase the number of businesses offering ‘take-back’ product stewardship schemes. The ultimate goal is to increase the product stewardship schemes accredited by the Ministry for the Environment. There are currently 13.

One example is the Interface ReEntry Programme. This recycles used carpet tiles into new carpet tiles. Carpet tiles beyond their usable life are returned to the original manufacturer in Australia. They are stripped and remanufactured.

Schemes like these cut waste and return valuable materials back into production.

The roadshows will be followed up with a national campaign encouraging business buyers to ask “what will I do with this at the end of its life?” when purchasing.

Rachel Brown is CEO of SBN. She says: “It’s fundamental to our future that we all take greater responsibility for the environmental impacts of what we do in our personal and professional lives. If businesses are not providing their customers with an end of life solution they are presenting them with an end of life problem. That has to be managed and paid for by the customer or rate payers.

“Product stewardship schemes help solve the waste issue. They enable businesses to capture valuable resources. They create better and deeper relationships with customers. These are vital steps towards the emerging low carbon circular economy, which we are helping grow in NZ together with our members.”

The grant was approved by Eugenie Sage, Associate Minister for the Environment, and will comprise 84% of the total cost of the campaign. Campaign partners include 3R Group, Inzide Commercial, Fuji Xerox and Abilities Group.


The grant comes as the Ministry for the Environment opens its consultation on new product stewardship proposals, announced today. They include regulations to help New Zealand transition from a linear ‘throw-away’ culture based on ‘take-make-waste’, to a circular economy based on ‘make-use-return’.

Rachel says: “The proposals back businesses taking greater responsibility for what happens to their products and packaging at the end of their life. It’s exciting to see a renewed emphasis on government and business working together on this. We’re especially pleased to see packaging included as a priority product. Our current work on plastic packaging is demonstrating strong business support for urgent action in this area.”


SBN is currently running a series of masterclasses in partnership with Foodstuffs, NZ King Salmon and the Ministry for Primary Industries. These bring together industry experts, business leaders and regulators, to improve New Zealand’s plastic packaging systems.

Many of the participating companies are signatories to the New Plastics Economy (NPEC) Global Commitment. The initial commitment is to ensure 100% of plastic packaging can be easily and safely reused, recycled, or composted by 2025 in practice. One of the goals of the masterclass series is to enable companies to meet and exceed this commitment.


New Zealand
At Inzide, we genuinely seek to make a positive difference by only supplying best in class flooring solutions from around the world. Exclusivley supplying international brands: Interface, Fobo & nora to the New Zealand market. We work in an empowered team, our vales are real and our team culture strong. ​Our purpose is to deliver Sustainable Flooring Solutions - the Inzide way.​The Inzide Way...​Passionate & Idealistic - valuing; quality, design, brand & environmental credentials.Authentic - Expert knowledge and integrity in all of our dealingsRelationship Driven - Communicating openly and honestly & expecting the same in return.Environmental Conscience - We account for our footprint and mitigate wherever we can.Inspiring - We lead by example, innovate and challenge. We believe strongly in the circular economy and practice this ethos through Interface’s ReEntry recycling scheme in Australia, among other initiatives such as Toitu's Carbonzero program.In 26 years of supplying sustainable flooring solutions we have;Recycled and re-used 396 tonnes of carpet tileOffset 4318 tonnes of carbonMitigated 295.14 tonnes of carbonSaved 150,000 litres of fuel by using a Prius car fleet It all starts with local companies investing in New Zealand’s economy and biosphere to make a real difference to our world.


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