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Choosing the Right Shower Faucet, Bathtub Faucet, and Water Faucet for Your Bathroom 

There are several things to consider while choosing the perfect shower faucet, bathtub faucet and water faucet for your bathroom ranging from their fixtures/valves, types, shapes, sizes, configuration, water pressure, the overall bathroom décor to the finish of the faucets and also your budget. 

Shower Faucet

Shower faucets nowadays come in various options. The shower fixture, or also known as the valve, should be the utmost priority when you are choosing a shower faucet. A shower faucet might not run properly if the valve doesn’t work optimally. In other words, a shower faucet is highly dependent on the quality of the fixture or the valve. Shower valves can be categorized into thermostatic valves and pressure balancing valves. Based on its shower head, shower faucet can be classified into fixed shower heads, handheld shower heads, and a combination unit. Some shower faucets are also available in a tub/shower combo faucet that features a wall-mounted bathtub faucet and a shower head on the bathtub. 

Bathtub Faucets

There are three major types of bathtub faucets: deck-mounted faucet, floor-mounted faucet, and wall-mounted faucet. Based on the number of holes and spacing for the installation, bathtub faucets vary from 1-hole, 3-hole, and 5-hole faucet and are divided in two types of “spreads” (the distance between the pieces of hardware): center-set and widespread. Bathtub faucets are also available in various styles, most known ones are the Roman faucet, the Vintage faucet, and the waterfall faucet. Bathtub faucets are also manufactured in a selection of metals such as brass, brushed nickel, chrome and zinc. It is also important to find out the rust resistance of the metals that you are about to choose.  One key indicator of a high-quality faucet is its weight. Better materials are usually heavier than the others.  

Water Faucet / Bathroom Faucet

The main factor that you have to take into account while choosing a water faucet, or usually known as bathroom faucet, is the spout arc height which can tell you how tall the spout of your bathroom faucet is. If there’s a cabinet or shelf above your water faucet, it is important to first measure the height and space available and make sure that water faucet fits under it. The second thing that you need to take into consideration is the number of handles, in which you can opt for either a single handle or a double handle faucet.  Water faucet / bathroom faucet generally comes in three styles: traditional (with more ornate handles and curves spouts), modern (with more angular shape and sharp corners), and transitional (combination of both traditional and modern styles). Water faucets are also available in several finishes: chrome finish, brushed-chrome, brass, nickel, bronze, and black finishes.