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Not All Insulation Is The Same

20 Feb 2020 by Kingspan Insulated Panels

29 January 2015 | Kingspan is proud to reveal that its Real Fire Case Studies brochure has been updated and now includes fire test results such as UBC 26-3, ASTM E84, ISO 13784 Part1, SP Fire 105, BS 8414-1 and NFPA 285, along with 5 new independently researched case studies.

One of the most convincing arguments for the use of Kingspan Insurer Certified PIR core sandwich panels is the way they react to fire in real building fire situations. In June 2013, Kingspan Insulated Panels released a Real Fire Case Studies brochure to showcase this. Kingspan is now proud to announce that this brochure has been updated and not only includes the results of FM 488 & 4881, LPS 1181: Part 1, EN 13823 SBI and EN 1364, but now reveals fire test results on UBC 26-3, ASTM E84, ISO 13784 Part1, SP Fire 105 and more. 

The brochure also includes a further 5 independently researched real fire case studies:

- Milk Powder Drying Tower, New Zealand

- Poultry Processing Factory Five, Australia

- Industrial Units, Heining, Netherlands

- Audi Dealership, Belgium

- Undercroft Car Park, Newry, Northern Ireland

The conclusions of these case studies speak for themselves. Overall the combination of extensive fire testing, insurance industry certification and real fire evidence proves beyond doubt that Kingspan Insurer Certified PIR core panel systems can contribute to the optimum fire engineered solution for all building types.

Download the brochure

Kingspan Insulated Panels
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The global leader in high performance insulation and building envelope solutions. Improving building performance, construction methods and ultimately people's lives - that's what drives our teams across the world. Innovation, It's Our Driving ForceAt Kingspan we're creating the products of the future, today. Innovation is at the heart of every product, every project and every step in the manufacturing process. To get the results we want, we either change the way we make our products, or create new ones. We innovate as we believe that no one should have to choose between efficiency, sustainability, style and safety. The world is rapidly changing, and so are our customers’ needs.A Sustainable Future is Within Our ReachKingspan was founded with one vision; to lead the way in creating energy efficient buildings. It’s one thing to promote sustainability, it’s another to set a target that scares you and deliver on it. By 2020 all our energy needs, across all Kingspan sites, will be met through renewable energy.Leading The Way to Better BuildingAs part of our investment in innovation we want to lead building a better way. We invest our time and talent into understanding how the smallest components can be brought together to build the best. We focus on lifetime value rather than cost, and believe that we can’t put a price on safety. When it comes to fire safety we invest in understanding what part buildings play in protecting lives and property.


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