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About Methven

Creating amazing water experiences since 1886

Creating amazing water experiences is what we do every day at Methven, and have done since 1886. Today, Methven is world renowned for beautifully designed, award winning showers, taps and valves.

Over the years we have learned how to harness the power of water to cleanse, calm, refresh and invigorate. And it’s this expertise - combined with our passion for design and innovation - that fuels our ongoing mission to create amazing water experiences, just for you.

Our Cause

The unrelenting pursuit of amazing water experiences that don’t cost the earth.

Our Vision

To be the authoritative leader in showers, taps and valves, setting industry leading standards for our customers, shareholders and team.

We innovate

At Methven we like to make things better. So we spend a great deal of time and effort on research and development to improve on conventional hardware solutions. Here are just some of our success stories.

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