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Christchurch Eye Ophthalmic Operating Theatre

21 Oct 2019 by Opritech

Christchurch Eye Ophthalmic Operating Theatre

Christchurch Eye is one of Opritech’s recent projects. Opritech designed and installed the lights and pendants, wireless modular patient monitoring and central station, eye trolleys and most equipment including emergency carts, stainless furniture, surgeons stools, positioning equipment, diathermies, ultrasonic cleaner… Opritech will provide on-going support and service – the total solution!

Christchurch Eye Ophthalmic Operating Theatre

Opritech specialises in providing the TOTAL SOLUTION. This includes design, customer consultation, attending project meetings, installation of equipment, testing, commissioning and in-service training. Not only can Opritech offer package deals but we ensure nothing slips through the cracks – because there aren’t any!

New Zealand
Opritech NZ Ltd provides total Design and Build Modular Operating theatres as well as the provision, installation and maintenance programs for specialist medical equipment. We supply only the best equipment and provide exceptional service. Our solutions offer superior performance and are better long-term investments for your operating theatre.Established in 1991, Opritech NZ Ltd is New Zealand owned and operated and serves New Zealand and beyond


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