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Hawkes Bay DHN'S New Endoscopy Theatre

21 Oct 2019 by Opritech

Pendants arranged to suit workflows. Camera equipment mounted on Dock-it cart enables it to be easily moved from room to room.

Installed are unique tandem mount pendants to provision monitors, anaesthesia and surgical pendants. A large 4K monitor displays up to four images.

A Dock-it cart houses the camera equipment. This cart quick connects / disconnects to the surgical pendant to allow it to travel between rooms. A tether bracket enables the anaesthesia pendant to travel with the anaesthetic machine.

Hawkes Bay DHN'S New Endoscopy Theatre
Wide angle view of one of the New Endoscopy Theatre’s

Hawkes Bay DHN'S New Endoscopy Theatre
Previous Endoscopy Theatre
Hawkes Bay DHN'S New Endoscopy Theatre
55″ 4K monitor with 27″ slave monitor shown
New Zealand
Opritech NZ Ltd provides total Design and Build Modular Operating theatres as well as the provision, installation and maintenance programs for specialist medical equipment. We supply only the best equipment and provide exceptional service. Our solutions offer superior performance and are better long-term investments for your operating theatre.Established in 1991, Opritech NZ Ltd is New Zealand owned and operated and serves New Zealand and beyond


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