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04 Nov 2019 by Sage Doors


Sage Doors is excited to announce their new trademark brand name – Invisedge™ (pronounced ‘envisage’)

Invisedge™ is Sage Doors’ melamine Laseredge doors.

What makes Sage Doors Invisedge™ different to other melamine doors with laseredge clashing?

  • It’s the materials used
  • It’s the machinery involved
  • It’s the men employed
  • It’s Invisedge™

Without these 3m’s, Invisedge™ wouldn’t be Invisedge™.


What’s different about our materials?

Our polypropylene Alphatape™ is custom made by MKT in Germany. The hard functional layer on the back of the edgetape (the bit that gets melted) is essential to creating a seamless edge that will stay that way long term. It also completely welds to itself in the corners and is colourfast.


What’s different about our machinery?

Our Homag edgebanders have been specially spec’ed and custom made to suit our (and your) requirements.

They are regularly maintained and adjusted to ensure the best edge possible. Machine setup greatly influences the final look. An expensive machine is worthless if not properly set up and maintained.


What about our men?

Our clever MMM (Machinery Maintenance Man!) constantly tests and analyzes our machinery and finished product to ensure a high standard is maintained.

The doors are cut, clashed, checked and packed by our hardworking team.

Our friendly team are always here to answer any questions you may have, and are happy to guide you through our process and help you in any way possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our aim is to supply the highest quality product available in New Zealand – you can rest assured that we will stand by our product with our 10 year warranty.

With Laseredge technology fast becoming the future in edge banding, future proof your business with Invisedge™ today!

Can you Invisedge™ the ultimate door in your next design?

Sage Doors
New Zealand
Sage Doors is a Kiwi-family owned business.Our aim is to manufacture the highest quality doors in New Zealand.HOWEVER, WE DON’T JUST MAKE DOORS; WE OPEN DOORS.We open the door to modern, affordable and high quality doors.HOW DO WE DO THIS?Our machinery.Our materials.Our men.Our doors aren’t just any doors – they’re backed by our 3 ‘M’s.Without these m’s, our doors wouldn’t be Sage Doors. They wouldn’t be Acrygloss, Acrymatte or Invisedge.They would just be doors.We’ve worked hard with our 3m’s to tie them all together. We’ve travelled around the globe to find the highest quality materials. We’ve speced out our machinery to our requirements. We’ve made our own machinery that we couldn’t buy.When the door is closed, we open it… so that you don’t need to!As a company, we feel honoured to have our competitors continually try to copy us – you know you’ve hit the jackpot when other companies try to copy you – don’t fall for the copy. Get the real deal!


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