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About Sika


Sika was founded in Switzerland in 1910. Today Sika operates in 97 countries and has a staff of over 17,000 good people worldwide. Sika New Zealand has been in continuous operation for nearly 60 years.

We have three branches – our Head Office and main production facility is in Auckland. We also operate warehouse facilities in Wellington and Christchurch.

Our primary focus in New Zealand is the construction industry and over the years we have been involved in many of the country’s main construction projects, from ski fields to the Sky Tower, high rise apartments to hydro dams. We are also a specialist supplier to the New Zealand marine and automobile industries.


Sika (NZ) Ltd is a Telarc ISO 9001 Registered Supplier.  This internationally recognised certification is independent proof of our commitment to providing products and services of a consistently high quality.  We attained ISO 9001 certification in 1994.


Sika New Zealand is committed to doing the right thing environmentally. Sustainability is a core element of our business operation and our company culture. We aim to deliver more value for our customers while at the same time generating less waste, using less water and using less energy too.


Alongside care for the environment, the health and safety of all our staff is crucial. In all our facilities a regular risk/hazard analysis is carried out with appropriate measures being implemented where necessary to ensure any risks to our staff are at least minimised and hopefully eliminated.

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