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Getting to Know Five Types of Toilets for Your Home

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Modern homes might not be as squeaky clean and as fragrant as they are today if there wasn’t an invention that can be found in most households these days: flush toilet.

This type of toilet was in fact invented in the 16th century, but it was only available for aristocrats at that time. Two centuries later, flush toilets were developed further and introduced as public toilets in London Great Exhibition in 1851. Afterwards, toilets began to be widely known and used by almost every society.

Nowadays, you can find various types of flush toilets, ranging from conventional to the high-technology ones. Here are several types of toilets that are common these days and can enhance the aesthetic value of your bathroom.

Floor Standing Toilet

Getting to Know Five Types of Toilets for Your Home


Depending on the installation of the toilet bowl structure, you can distinguish toilets as floor-standing toilet and wall-hung toilet. Floor-standing toilets, as the name suggests, is the type of toilet whose structure stands on the floor.

The floor-standing toilet is the most commonly used type as it has a sturdy design and is easy to install. Floor-standing toilets come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. You can find one with a separate cistern or a built-in cistern toilet/concealed cistern toilet.

Wall-hung Toilet

Getting to Know Five Types of Toilets for Your Home

Geberit AquaClean Sela

A wall-hung toilet has its toilet bowl structure attached to a wall so that it looks hanging if seen from one side. As the bowl floats over the floor, it brings out a spacious and modern impression in the bathroom.

No need to worry about it breaking as it is supported by a sturdy steel structure from behind the wall. It can hold up to 150 kg, so it is very safe for most people.

Close-coupled Toilet

Getting to Know Five Types of Toilets for Your Home

ROCA Georgia A3424A8000

Based on the cistern, you can see an old-fashioned toilet with the cistern hung on the wall some tens of centimetre above the toilet seat and also another model with the cistern attached to the toilet seat. The latter type of toilet is called close-coupled toilet.

The most common features of a close-coupled toilet are its dual flush button, a soft-close toilet seat, also a ceramic cistern and a ceramic toilet bowl. Apart from these, the sewer pipes are visible at the back of the toilet structure.

A close-coupled toilet is probably one of the most widely used types of toilets and it comes in a variety of styles which can be suited to your preferred bathroom design.

One-piece Toilet

Getting to Know Five Types of Toilets for Your Home

INAX S600 One-piece Toilet

The close-coupled toilet with a separate cistern and toilet seat mentioned above is also called as a two-piece toilet as it consists of two parts, a cistern and a toilet bowl. And here comes another contemporary style toilet: one-piece toilet. This model combines the cistern and the toilet bowl into a single compact structure that is easy to maintain and to clean. Even the installation is as easy as that of the two-piece model.

Electronic Toilet

Getting to Know Five Types of Toilets for Your Home

Rigel ISWCS2011AS12

Aside from the improved appearance, modern toilets are also equipped with a number of electronic features. Electronic toilets are currently rising in popularity and may become standard household toilets in several years. For instance, an electronic toilet can have a sensor that automatically opens the toilet lid when someone comes close. There is also a heater feature on the toilet seat that feels warm when you sit on it. Deodoriser is also set to spray from time to time to remove bad odour. As for sanitation, an automatic bidet and dryer will function by pressing buttons on a separate panel or remote control. After use, the toilet will automatically flush and close the lid.

So, which type of toilet matches your need and your preference? Don’t forget to suit your preferred style to the size and the basic of your bathroom design. You can always contact Archify if you have any difficulty choosing or installing your desired toilet type.

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