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Interior Designs Based on Your MBTI Personality: Introvert Edition


Some of us must be familiar with the personality types based on MBTI or Myer Briggs Type Indicator. If you have never heard of it, in a nutshell, MBTI is a psychology instrument used to indicate the preferences in how a person perceives the world and makes decisions that shapes one’s personality type. There are 16 types of personality based on MBTI test results and eight of them are in the introvert category. As one of the ways to achieve an ideal interior design is through an approach to the homeowner’s personality, we might as well check out several interior design inspirations for introverts.

The Analytical, Logical and Enterprising (INTJ and INTP)

Interior Designs Based on Your MBTI Personality: Introvert Edition

©Aaron Huber, unsplash

Introverts that fall into the analyst category are those with an analytic and rational mind. They have a more advanced way of thinking and make decisions based on logics over emotions. The analysts have high confidence in their own intellect and abilities in tactical problem solving.

Interior Designs Based on Your MBTI Personality: Introvert Edition

©Damir Kopezhanov, unsplash

The interior design that suits this personality type is one that accentuates geometrical shapes or simple lines. A clean modern style or an industrial theme with exposed material like polished concrete or natural-finishing timber is also suitable for INTJ or INTP. These personalities do not fancy too many non-functional decorative elements.

The Diplomatic, Compassionate and Caring (INFJ and INFP)

INFP and INFJ are diplomatic introverts with deep empathy. They are naturally generous, sensitive and good at acknowledging their own and others’ feelings. Most introverts in this category like arts and its abstract interpretation, and they are able to find profanity among ordinary things that happen around them.

Interior Designs Based on Your MBTI Personality: Introvert Edition

©Jens Behrmann, unsplash

The ideal interior design for this type of introvert is one with a strong characteristic. They love vintage furniture or antique decorative items matched with a modern interior style. Not an entirely classic style but a design with a touch of nostalgia or memorabilia from the past. The unique and artistic Memphis interior style can also represent their personality.

The Sentinel, Hardworking and Dutiful (ISFJ dan ISTJ)

Interior Designs Based on Your MBTI Personality: Introvert Edition

©Jason Briscoe, unsplash

The sentinel introverts are those who like practicality in solving a problem, down to earth and confident. This type of introvert finds their joy when they are in an environment with a clear hierarchy and order. They have a consistent day-to-day habit to pursue their goals. Sentinels finish what they start, are reliable and aware of the needs of their loved ones.

Interior Designs Based on Your MBTI Personality: Introvert Edition

©Kam Idris, unsplash

The suitable interior design for this type of introvert is minimalistic with organised furniture and room layout. All of their belongings should be easily accessible. Besides leaning towards a minimalist design, they are also into an eclectic design that combines two or more design styles; for example, placing a classic piece of armchair in the middle of a minimalist-styled room to make a statement.

The Explorer, Curious and Fun-seeking (ISTP and ISFP)

Explorers! They are often impulsive, like diversity and variation, love to try new things and tend to be spontaneous in making a decision or giving a response. Explorers like to take risks, but they are still responsible with their own choices. An explorer, although always being calm in solitude, will always try to get out of their comfort zone to make meaningful progress in their lives.

Interior Designs Based on Your MBTI Personality: Introvert Edition


The ideal interior design based on this personality is one that is full of surprises. Choose a more minimalist style or any other currently trending style. For example, an interior design with a built-in wardrobe that is hidden from sight, a door that is disguised as a wall and other element of surprise. They will also love an interior style that incorporates latest technology, such as a soft close kitchen cabinet door or a personal lift at home etc.

Those are interior design reviews based on several MBTI personalities. For those of you who haven’t tried the MBTI personality test, you can try it through the link below to find out your personality type and discover the interior design style that suits you:

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