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Seven Decorative Elements for Your Living Room

©Sidekix Media, unsplash

A living room design with only a sofa and a table might look bland. Instead of providing a warm space for family members, such a living room might only function as a guest reception space. To prevent this, you can add adorning elements in various corners of the room to live up the ambience. Aesthetic elements or ornamental items can help to create an interesting and comfortable living room. The following are seven recommended decorative elements.


Seven Decorative Elements for Your Living Room

©Dan Gold, unsplash

Besides bringing out an instant change of appearance, a proper carpet choice will support sitting and lounging on the floor. The use of a carpet as a decoration in the living room can also evoke a warm ambience. You can opt for one with a contrast colour as an accent or a neutral colour that can easily blend with other ornaments.


Seven Decorative Elements for Your Living Room

©Kirill, unsplash

Beside for lighting, lamps can also be an essential decorative element to enhance the aesthetic value of a living room design. Specific light temperature can conjure up a warm ambience, which in turns impact on the occupants’ mood and comfort positively.


Seven Decorative Elements for Your Living Room

©Filios Sazeides, unsplash

Changing the colour and the pattern of your curtains may work as well. Adjust them to the ambience that you desire. For instance, choose bright colours for a cheerful impression. Make sure that the type of the curtains that you choose doesn’t hinder the activities in the living room.


Seven Decorative Elements for Your Living Room

©Sophia Kunkel, unsplash

Besides serving as a beautiful ornament, memorabilia can be a source of interesting conversations. These can be displayed in frames or placed on a credenza. Items inherited from your great grandmother, for example, may look attractive for a living room ornament. Another alternative is by displaying family photos. Choose some photos that capture important events in your family, such as a childhood photo or a family trip photo. Frame and arrange them aesthetically on the wall.

Book Collection

Seven Decorative Elements for Your Living Room


Set your book collection in a closed bookcase or simply use open shelves. Arrange the books based on their thickness and length to create a neat and organised look. Some of the unread books can be put on the table and appear as an adornment to your living room.

Flower Arrangements or Plants

Seven Decorative Elements for Your Living Room

©Alyssa Strohmann, unsplash

Plants or flowers can transform any room if arranged properly. Place some flowers at the corner of the room or on a table to bring out a back-to-nature feeling.


Seven Decorative Elements for Your Living Room

©Kaylee Garrett, unsplash

Decorating a living room isn’t limited to the visual. Fragrant may work just as well. Try vanilla or sandalwood scent that has a relaxing effect. With numerous aromatherapy products that are also eye-catching these days, this element can enhance the visual as well.

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