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TOLI Brings Nature to the Comfort of Living


The beauty of nature lies within its nonuniformity. Unpredictable and rugged, yet serene at the same time—this inspires TOLI to formulate their latest product, Dynamicstone, to mimic the everchanging nature. Dynamicstone comes in the form of homogenous vinyl for an elegant and natural flooring solution.

TOLI Brings Nature to the Comfort of Living

Dynamicstone and its products are manufactured with the latest technology to make sure each tile is different in its expression, just like nature. With calcium carbonate from limestone as the main raw material, this product aims to pronounce the ruggedness quality and texture of stone, even to its tiniest details.

For many projects that explores the beauty of raw nature and material, the matte finish of Dynamicstone delivers both look and feel that enhance the whole spatial experience.

Dynamicstone sets itself as a very natural material. It is developed to withstand multiple recycling process to be reused as the initial product as a bold gesture of protecting the environment. Just like nature itself, all will return and eventually become one with nature.

More information about TOLI and Dynamicstone, please visit:

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