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17 Sep 2020 by EVVA

Protect your customers and yourself

The transmission of diseases can be multifarious. Especially with droplet infections it is important to clean access components professionally and regularly. Here are a few tips on how to avoid damage to surfaces during cleaning.

- To clean the visible surfaces of access components, you can use a soft, lint-free cloth and soapy water.
- Do not use any corrosive products or sprays, which can corrode metallic surfaces, plastics or sealing materials!
- Ensure that – especially in the case of a disassembled thumb turn – no fluids can enter the cylinder and the visible surfaces of an electronic thumb turn are only cleaned when it is not open.

In addition, alcohol-based disinfectants can be used without any issues. Incidentally, that applies to all EVVA products – both mechanical and electronic. Please disinfect the entire door area, i.e. door leaf, handle, cylinder, key ring – simply everything that, either deliberately or inadvertently, is touched when a door is opened and closed.

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