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17 Sep 2020 by EVVA

You can now offer online remote maintenace for AirKey

In times like these, you need to carefully consider which problems can be solved in person and which can be solved online by remote maintenance. The technical office at EVVA has been offering the option of remote maintenance for some time now. You can offer the same to your customers with AirKey.

Remote maintenance in 7 steps:

1. Log in: The administrator logs in.
2. Select "Administrators Area". 
3. Assign a support login to the agreed person for the agreed length of time. 
4. An access code is generated.
5. This must be transmitted to the technician / EVVA Partner. Normally, this would happen in the course of a phone call.
6. The technician / EVVA Partner can now securely log in to the AirKey system.
7. Everything that the technician / EVVA Partner changes is also logged. Access is no longer possible once the agreed and set duration has expired. 

Consequently, safe support is possible without personal contact. We also recommend video calls using Microsoft Teams.

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