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Iconic House On Top of the Hill

14 Jul 2022 by Archinterface

Iconic house on top of the hill and overlooking its surroundings vineyard 

@dentoncorkermarshall for John Denton

@dline_as ironmongery and bathroom fittings

image taken by Jean-Marie Lière | Olympus Pen EPL1 | April 2011

Jean-Marie LIERESince 1997, when he relocated to Australia, Jean-Marie has been blessed by the support of hundreds of Architects, Interior , Graphic, Exhibition and Lighting Designers across Australia and New Zealand. Thank you.Jean-Marie also had the chance to introduce you to some unique, timeless and iconic products from Europe, whether it was aluminium extrusions and metal panels from Fractal, stainless steel mesh from GKD, signs systems from Marcal and more recently, the famous Danish brand of ironmongery, bathroom fittings, taps & showers and washroom panels by d line, Allgood and the famous hinges and pivots from Royde & Tucker, UK.Archinterface was founded on February 15th, 2012 and has now just entered its 10th financial year.Since 2015, our main activity has been to promote d line, Allgood and Royde & Tucker ironmongery and bathroom/washroom fittings which we are now selling ourselves as well as the new QTOO taps and showers range by d line for which we are the exclusive distributor across Australia and New Zealand.We import also balustrade systems from Q-railing and d line from Germany, metal fabrics from MarianiTech and Tacchi from Italy and VE cladding panels from Omeras, GermanyEmbarking on a new journey, Jean-Marie's aim will be to continue that tradition and bring products that you may or may not be familiar with. Some from Australia, most from Europe but always keeping in mind you as a valuable partner, and selecting products that will enhance your beautiful creations.We will limit ourselves to promoting a handful of brands, carefully selected, with some synergy between each other, bringing quality, value and innovation to your projects.We love what we do!ArchInterface is both a specification house and a distributor, as we  promote and propose solutions to you that will get your projects to stand out, as we have done for almost 25 years. We will continue to give you the level of service and expertise that you have come to appreciate, and as building our team, we will make sure that we get people to join us with the same level of competence and dedication.


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