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You may ask, when would street furniture need to be fire-resistant? AS Urban is the supplier of non-combustible outdoor furniture into bushfire-prone National Parks and for Class 9b performing arts centres where outdoor seating is placed under the main roof and where it serves as a link to the next building. All fixtures in these spaces need to be non-flammable to meet BCA compliance and Australian Standards.

Bushfire zones and Class 9b buildings are examples of projects that may require non-combustible outdoor seating. AS Urban supplies a range of fire-retardant seating that has all the warmth, grain and texture of real timber but without the flashpoint for ignition or combustibility. These seats & tables do not contribute to spread of flame.

A Class 9b building is a building where people may assemble for—

(a) civic, theatrical, social, political or religious purposes including a library, theatre, public hall or place of worship; or

(b) educational purposes in a school, early childhood centre, preschool, or the like; or

(c) entertainment, recreational or sporting purposes including—

    (i) a cinema; or

    (ii) a sports stadium, sporting or other club; or

    (iii) transit purposes including a bus station, railway station, airport or ferry terminal.

The full range of AS Urban seating that is deemed non-combustible includes the below –

Woodgrain Powder Coated Aluminium Slats:

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