08 Jun 2021 by Astra Street Furniture

The high quality, sleek round London Bin is Astra’s take on a modern litter bin with the aesthetics and hidden advantages that make it the perfect choice for retail centres. The finish of each London Bin adds a polished look to your average everyday litter bin whilst adding a sophisticated design element to communal spaces, especially shopping centres. There are a variety of slat options, some of which have been newly introduced, to ensure that the bin coordinates perfectly with different centre layouts as well as Astra’s range of London, Madrid and Athens Suite furniture pieces.

The hidden advantages that make the London Bins the superior choice for retail centres include:

  • The premium spun tops allowing for easier cleaning as there are no grooves where rubbish and dirt can get trapped
  • It has a heavy duty stainless steel support frame for increased lifespan!
  • Heavy internal cross brace for bolting down, if required, or can be left free standing
  • The slats are made from premium materials that are sustainably sourced
  • Premium polished covered tops are available
  • 304 stainless steel base frame for the added look of quality and longevity of performance in all conditions including coastal areas
  • Powder coated base & top options alternatively available
  • Supplied standard with a heavy duty plastic liner which is easy to remove, allowing for maintenance and emptying of the bin to be quick and efficient
  • Pedestal base and stainless steel chain lid attachments, as an optional extra

The London Bin is currently in multiple shopping centres across Australia including Carlingford Court and Ed.Square Town Centre. These centres uniquely chose the London Bin for their ‘stunning addition’ to the centre and the fact they don’t incur ‘breaks or damages and the liners are very heavy duty’, with both centres wanting to purchase more in the future. The London Bin was designed to please our clients, seen in the above case studies, with each bin being put through meticulous and precise design and manufacturing processes. The design and manufacturing process is conducted entirely in Australia with the highest quality components, which guarantee fast lead times of standard bins. This also means that additional customisation features such as additional colours and slat options are possible upon request with appropriate lead times.

Astra Street Furniture
Astra Street Furniture
An Introduction to Astra…Astra is a range of street furniture that evolved from the Area Safe Products Group, a family owned company dedicated in providing the Australian market with a range of car park and pedestrian safety products. Astra is committed to developing high quality street furniture solutions at affordable prices.All Astra Street Furniture suites are stocked in large quantities, eliminating long lead times and ensuring our customers enjoy the convenience of receiving their product on time. Astra is an Australian owned and operated company that design and manufactures its furniture items in Australia to stringent quality standards and complies with all necessary Australian standards. As a family owned company, there is no forgetting what it means to receive personalised service, and continually seeking to establish effective solutions for each individual situation so that the right products are supplied.Product Development & Market Research Astra Street Furniture promises to its customers a ‘Quality Range’ of products and ‘Trusted Support’ from all staff and services. In recent years, there has seen to be a great demand in the market for a range of premium street furniture provided with a superior level of support, advice, and excelled customer service.Through extensive market research it was seen that facilities throughout Australia – local governments, shopping centres, educational facilities, and public transport stations – had been instructed that the wait time to receive street furniture can be up to 12 weeks! This is because those furniture items were either procured overseas on an order-by-order basis or the locally sourced and manufactured supply chain is very slow and not ‘service based.’ This is where Astra Street furniture can meet and exceed client expectations through the below main points of difference.Points of Difference:·    100% Australian Made ·    Fast Service ·    Environmentally Responsible ·    Complete DDA Compliance·    Active Product Development - Industry issues listened to and resolved·    Architectural Resources available on Astra websiteEach of the Astra Suites has been designed and manufactured from locally sourced raw materials, contributing to the quality and durability of the product. If our standard styles, designs, and colours do not suit your requirements, Astra can customise to the requested requirements, which is the added benefit of Australian made and manufactured furniture pieces!  


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