08 Jun 2021 by Astra Street Furniture


Is it a common occurrence that your wheelie bin goes missing or gets stolen? Are they a continual eyesore in your landscape? Does the rubbish continually fly out or get taken by wildlife? All these issues can be solved by using wheelie bin enclosures for your facility’s wheelie bins. The Athens range of Wheelie Bin Enclosures are of superior quality, being entirely manufactured and assembled right here in Australia. Astra Street Furniture has found that wheelie bins are most functional and aesthetically pleasing when they are enclosed by a wheelie bin surround. They are available in a variety of materials and with covered or open top options which are sure to compliment any internal or external landscape whilst fulfilling their duty at the same time! So, why shouldn’t your bin remain without an enclosure any longer? Here’s why!

Do you seem to notice that wheelie bins are a popular public item that can be easily taken from their designated area and relocated to somewhere less convenient? Wheelie bin enclosures are a great solution to these issues as they can be fixed down to reduce the chances of the bins being stolen or taken away. The Athens Bin Enclosures are fitted with a heavy-duty quarter turn camlock to ensure ease when securing the wheelie bin inside the enclosure. Over time they present themselves as a cheaper alternative to having to continually replace the wheelie bin and deal with the inconvenience each time it has gone missing or is stolen.

Why else should you use an enclosure? They simply look nicer! Athens Bin Enclosures are available in powder coated, stainless steel, laser cut stainless steel and timber slat base options which are all substantially nicer than your standard old, dirty, rundown council bin! The material variety of the bases allow for the enclosures to seamlessly suit all types of landscapes whether it be in shopping centres, school playgrounds, university common areas, hospitals, national or sporting parks, council areas or accommodation buildings. Stainless steel bases are also suitable near salt water where they won’t corrode and rust, so even the parks and seating areas around your local beach can benefit from the use of bin enclosures!

When wheelie bins are left in their stand-alone form (i.e. with no enclosure/surround), rubbish is more likely to be blown away by the wind or carried out and scattered by unwanted birds. When a wheelie bin enclosure is used, the top of the bin is covered and significantly eliminates the chances of birds making their way to the rubbish or flying out of the opening. This sort of rubbish dispersion will contaminate the natural landscape and take away from the effort the community have gone to ensure rubbish is disposed of correctly, a practice that is widely supported and encouraged by all. This ensures the area is kept free of rubbish and cleanliness is continually maintained.

Bin Surrounds also double as the perfect option to hide the unsightly look of plain wheelie bins, which is always a plus! Protection of property is always important, especially in community spaces where damage often occurs either by accident or on purpose. Wheelie Bin Surrounds are the perfect measure to increase the protection of the bins themselves and therefore the longevity of them. The more the bins are protected and hidden from damage, the longer they are able to remain in public landscapes, enabling the community to continually engage in positive rubbish disposal. They are also the perfect waste management bin system with their modular design and ability to make a ‘bank’ of bins. Read here how to effectively use the wheelie bin surrounds as a waste management system through the use of effective signage and colour coordination!

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