08 Jun 2021 by Astra Street Furniture


Are you looking for the perfect variety of bins and benches that will appropriately accommodate your facility? The Prague Suite of bins and benches is your logical solution, read more to find out why!

The thorough design process of the Prague suite encourages modern retail design and architecture with its ability to seamlessly coordinate with a sophisticated facility layout. There is nothing worse than seating and litter bins that are an eyesore, distracting shoppers during their retail experience in your centre. The design of the Prague benches and bins are not intrusive and do not obstruct the path of individuals coordinating their way through the centre or facility. The sleek design ensures to implement a simplistic yet sophisticated design to match the up-and-coming design elements that are being introduced into the new and upgraded shopping centres and establishments across Australia.

The benches compliment the covered top Prague bins through their consistent design, and one piece construction. They are tough and functional with a safe curved form in a matching style to the Prague bins. As the benches have no extruding pieces and are uniquely versatile, they can easily be joined end-to-end to create additional seating with the option of creating repetitive or mirror image laser cut wave patterns. The newly introduced Prague bench joiners can be used to create a circular bench design to accommodate for tricky floor plans, both inside and out.

It is a common frustration for furniture pieces to be bolted down into newly polished flooring, only to later find a more logical way to arrange the furniture – and nothing can be changed. The advantage of both the Prague benches and bin is that there is no need for them to be bolted down, as the heavy duty furniture pieces can be left safely free-standing. This allows for easy reallocation when changing the centre design or conducting maintenance through the facility.

The consistent design for both internal and external use sees the Prague benches and bins being used in outdoor conditions without the worry of rusting and weather damage over longer periods of time. The benches and bins can then be used throughout the establishment whilst maintaining a complete and consistent design of furniture both internally and externally within the centre.

There are multiple design and architectural possibilities that the Prague suite can achieve alone or when used together making it the perfect solution for endless facility requirements and specification establishment space?! Search

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