LowE Basics

15 Mar 2023 by Australian Glass Group

LowE glass products can offer some of the best performance options available and also meet increased Building Code minimum performance needs of the NCC, help avoid smaller windows and glass doors while adding more natural light inside and maintaining a clearer look than other non-LowE options.

Whether it is a Residential home, an Apartment tower or a large Commercial building, there is a LowE offering to suit all needs.

Understand the key LowE Basics in easy to understand terminology here:

AGG LowE Basics

Australian Glass Group
Australian Glass Group
Australian Glass Group is a glass processor offering high performance glass products made right here in Australia from one of our three local processing plants; NSW, VIC and TAS. We are your glass experts and can help with solutions to meet your needs as well as satisfy NCC requirements with certified compliance.We specialise in energy efficient LowE Double Glazing and boast a wide range of options available to suit your needs. Detailed glazing specification reports available for your project as well as full engineered sign-off solutions.


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