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Bradley Australia is a proud family owned company that leads the industry in the manufacture and supply of commercial washroom equipment and accessories. For half a century, Bradley Australia has been at the forefront of innovation in design and supply, with a commitment to quality manufacture, production efficiency and an unrelenting passion for customer satisfaction.

For half a century, Bradley Australia have manufactured and supplied the most comprehensive range of high-quality, competitively priced washroom accessories across a variety of industries including commercial, industrial, hospitality and residential.

Bradley Australia has a team of Business Development Managers that are dedicated to helping you with your project requirements and supplying tailored product solutions. With the support of a dedicated Customer Service driven team, Operational edge, Marketing initiative driven support  and Warehousing Department teams. From start to finish we at Bradley Australia, understand the significance of providing project support including the process and journey to the exciting completion of your project/s. Being there every step of the way. 

Durability, design and attention to detail, combined with prompt delivery and easy installation make choosing Bradley Australia as your trusted supplier not just the right choice for your project, but for your business and bottom line.

Clients, suppliers and staff are all part of the one team in our eyes. It’s a core philosophy that has worked for us for fifty years and we see it as the foundation of our continued success into the future.

Over the years Bradley Australia has sought to meet the individual needs of clients and unique requirements of their one-off projects with our ability to produce and supply customised products cost effectively. No other supplier has the design capability or manufacturing control to create customised solutions the way Bradley Australia can – working in partnership with clients to create products that will make your project stand out and your cost controller to stand proud.

Many suppliers shy away from customisation because of the extra work and dedication required. But at Bradley Australia we believe it’s at the very core of who we are. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile in everything we do –and while stringent processes keep up on time and on budget, it’s our focus on personal relationships and better understanding of each project that turns Bradley customers into lifetime business partners.

Our mantra of customised excellence goes well beyond the tangible facets of product design. For us it’s about customising the way we work at every stage of a project to help realise the vision, manage the timeline and costs and ultimately ensure that your life is easier and happier for having chosen Bradley Australia.

Fifty years of working this way with great people on great projects has given us an unbeatable edge when it comes to delivering on our clients’ needs and their loyalty to our relationship is testimony to that.


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