A window for the future: locally designed, extruded and assembled thermally broken aluminium

02 Feb 2023 by Capral Aluminium

After focusing on commercial building energy efficiency in 2019, the emphasis of the National Construction Code 2022 energy efficiency initiatives has been on residential buildings. Early releases of the slated 2022 requirements demonstrate enhanced energy efficiency provisions for residential buildings, including an increase in the level of thermal comfort required for homes. These changes will have significant flow-on effects for the Australian window and door industry with stringency around the performance of windows and doors set to rise.

Capral Aluminium is committed to delivering solutions to the, Architectural, Commercial and Residential market sectors to enable the development and supply of window and door systems which will meet evolving performance requirements and demands. Our recent investment in developing a locally designed, extruded and tested range of thermally broken windows and doors is testament to our commitment to supporting the local industry.

" To ensure continuity of supply, and to support the growing demand for thermally broken suites, Capral have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to assemble thermally broken profiles locally in our Campbellfield facility. "

A window for the future: locally designed, extruded and assembled thermally broken aluminium

The Comall TTK 350 is a state-of-the-art thermal break machine which uses precision techniques to knurl aluminium extrusion to the insulated polyamide thermal break strips which provide the “thermal break” in high performance thermally broken windows and doors. This technique provides excellent strength and stability to ensure Capral thermally broken systems will deliver robust structural and thermal performance without compromise.

You might be asking yourself, what is a thermally broken window? The term “thermally broken window” refers to an aluminium window or door system which has been designed to incorporate an insulator to minimise the transfer of heat or cold between the internal and external frame elements. Often when people think about the energy efficiency of windows their focus turns immediately to glass. Thermally broken window and door frames are a critical element in achieving excellent thermal performance for your window or door system, which can otherwise transfer considerable heat or cold via the frame.

A window for the future: locally designed, extruded and assembled thermally broken aluminium

Whilst thermally broken window systems have been available on the Australian market for more than a decade, few manufacturers have had access to locally sourced and supplied thermally broken materials. The events of the past two years have made us all too aware of the risks associated with supply chains dependent upon international partners, which is why Capral has invested heavily to increase its capacity to supply locally manufactured thermally broken suites.

Capral Futureline® is a comprehensive range of locally designed and tested thermally broken suites. The range is extruded in-house at our largest aluminium extrusion press, located in Bremer Park, Queensland and assembled by our state-of-the-art thermal break machine in Campbellfield, Victoria. This integrated supply ensures Capral can provide its customers a wholly Australian supply chain, delivering consistent outcomes, realistic lead times and exceptional performance.

For more information about Capral’s range of thermally broken windows and doors.

Visit our Futureline range: https://www.capral.com.au/wordpress/architectural-building-solutions/our-brands/futureline/

Capral Aluminium
Capral Aluminium
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