10 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

05 Jul 2022 by Caroma

Take it from us, you can never incorporate enough storage space into your bathroom design. Bathrooms are traditionally one of the smallest rooms in the house, so once you’ve allowed space for all your services, there’s often little room left for bulky storage cupboards. Inevitably, in a family bathroom, you’re going to need storage for each family member’s toiletries, toilet paper rolls and perhaps even a linen press. That’s quite a bit of storage for a small room!

1. Under bench organisation – if you have a wall-hung vanity or floor-standing vanity with cupboards and drawers, we recommend maximising the space within them by the use of clever storage solutions, such as a lazy Susan to easily reach products at the back, hooks inside doors for hairdryers and appliances and dividers in drawers to keep items tidy.

2. Under bench shelf – while sleek benchtops without storage have been a popular feature in modern bathroom design, they’re not always the most practical in terms of storage. It you’re in need of more storage space, perhaps consider adding another similar shelf underneath your bench top to store folded towels or other items in baskets.

3. Baskets – they’re so multi-functional! Baskets can sit under a sink with rolled towels in them, on shelves to hold toiletries or beside the toilet to store the paper.

4. Ladder – if you don’t have adequate hanging storage space, a ladder can be a fun, decorative way to add more storage. Leaned against the wall, they’re perfect for hanging and displaying towels.

5. Shaving cabinet – the classic medicine cabinet has gone out of vogue in recent years, replaced by decorative mirrors. But they’re making a comeback and a great way to combine storage, a mirror and lighting in one, plus they can be recessed into the walk and you wouldn’t even know they are there.

6. Niche – a niche can be a great inclusion to a bathroom, either in the shower or on a main wall – or both! Because they’re recessed, they use otherwise dead wall space.

7. Floating shelves – they’re easy to retrofit to existing bathroom walls so can be a good solution if you need more storage but aren’t planning on renovating. You can attach as many as you like above each other, depending on how much shelf space you need, then add baskets of toiletries, folded towels and a nice potted plant for good measure.

8. Freestanding cupboard – if you’ve got the space for a cupboard, but don’t want to go down the built-in route, a repurposed free-standing cupboard can look great in a bathroom.

9. Built-in bench seat – a bench seat in a bathroom?! If you’ve got the room, why not? It makes for a handy seat to take shoes off, throw clothes on and you can add storage inside it for bulky things like toilet rolls.

10. Bar cart – repurpose a bar cart to a bathroom cart for additional storage. If it’s on wheels you’ve got the added bonus of being to pull it beside the bath to hold your candles, book and glass of wine.

10 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

10 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

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