5 Top Tips For Creating Wellness In Your Bathroom

05 Jul 2022 by Caroma

Time is such a precious commodity; it’s the one luxury many of us wish we had more of. Fighting the culture of busyness and seeking balance is key for your overall wellbeing.

Our home is our sanctuary where we retreat to ease the stress of the day-to-day. By creating a spa-like space within our bathroom gives us an all-important retreat from an increasingly hectic world.

Considered design can elevate the function of your bathroom to a restful sanctuary space to unwind and recharge.


A bright, sunlit bathroom will refresh and get you going in the morning.

Large window is ideal to deliver beautiful morning light. Mirrors too will create a sense of space whilst reflecting light throughout the room.

Consider using a combination of ambient light from pendants, accent lighting to highlight the bathroom’s architectural features, and overhead task lighting for applying makeup or shaving.

Candle light also creates an ambiance of luxury and relaxation, perfect for relaxing in the bath along with some chill beats.


Colour plays an important role in creating mood.

Neutrals such as white, grey, or colours such as blue and green and cool-toned pastels can encourage a sense of calm.

Luxurious towels, hand towels, and bath mats in these hues add to your wellness sanctuary vibe.


Incorporating natural elements inspired by nature encourages relaxation.

Consider beautifully textured tiles and timber to create a little natural oasis at home.

Also consider accessories made from natural materials such as a wooden stool, wicker baskets, and plants or flowers that can all soften the space.


Storage is essential to avoid clutter and maintain an organised and peaceful space.

The less clutter, the less chaotic you will feel. On a practical level, adequate storage creates clear surfaces, which makes cleaning your bathroom easier and more hygienic.

Face-level and vanity storage solve the practicalities of clearing clutter and essential bathroom items whilst adding to the aesthetics of the sanctuary.


Styling finishes the picture.

Hand wash, hand cream, soaps, candles and diffusers, small ornaments, towels and plants - they all reflect the sanctuary story. Don’t forget artworks, they too can bring serenity into your bathroom and help transport you away to a relaxing destination.

Luxury comes from how the space feels – and how it makes you feel too.

However you style your bathroom, make sure you feel at home in it, express your own colourful personality and put your own personalised finishing touches on it, and you will create your very own sanctuary.

Be inspired to create and enhance wellness in your bathroom with our product offers.

5 Top Tips For Creating Wellness In Your Bathroom

5 Top Tips For Creating Wellness In Your Bathroom

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