How To Design A Bathroom With Room To Grow

05 Jul 2022 by Caroma

When designing your bathroom, our design experts always recommend thinking about how the space may be used in the future as well as now. If your family is still expanding or you foresee grandchildren in the future, you’ll save time and money later by considering these factors in your bathroom design now.

Here are our top tips for future-proofing your bathroom design:

Include a bath

Baths are often overlooked, especially if you are trying to save space. A bath can be a great design feature in your bathroom and is very useful when children or grandchildren come along. It’s also wonderful when you want to relax and unwind and is beneficial to have when re-selling your home.

If you’re short on space, consider a back-to-wall or island design, instead of a free-standing bath which usually requires more room.

Double basins

Make queuing for the bathroom a thing of the past by including double basins in the main bathroom. It’ll save you precious time in the busy mornings when everyone’s rushing off to work and school.

If you have the room, double basins are also a great option in an ensuite so you and your partner don’t get in each other’s way.

Multiple bathrooms

Consider adding another bathroom to the mix if you are building a large home. Not only are extra bathrooms handy when you have guests, they are also a practical asset if you have a busy, growing family, and for re-sale.

If you don’t have room for a second full-sized bathroom, a powder room is a handy alternative. Usually only containing a toilet and basin, this little room might be your saviour when someone’s having a long soak in the bath in the main bathroom.

Care bathrooms

If you are designing a bathroom for an individual that requires care, due to age or disability, there is a range of stylish and practical solutions available that comply with Australian Standards. Think about easy height toilet suites, lever mixer taps, shower rails and hand rails.

These products are designed with both practicality and design in mind and many styles can be discreetly retro-fitted into existing bathrooms.

How To Design A Bathroom With Room To Grow

How To Design A Bathroom With Room To Grow

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