The Importance Of Spatial Planning In Your Bathroom

05 Jul 2022 by Caroma

Think about how you use your bathroom

A bathroom that works is a bathroom that works for you. Knowing how you use your bathroom will influence the spatial planning of it. Will you use a bath or will an oversized shower bring you more joy? Maybe you want a double shower or maybe you are a bathaholic who is happy to have a smaller shower in order to have a luxurious bath. Think about how you want to use and enjoy your bathroom, make a list of your priorities and begin to plan your space.

What’s the first thing you see?

Eyeline matters in bathrooms. Ask yourself what the first thing you see is when you walk into the room. Maybe you don’t want it to be the toilet and a beautiful bath or vanity is more appealing. As a general rule toilets are best with a little privacy whereas your showstoppers, like a statement bath or basin, should be what your eye first goes to.

Can you fit everything in comfortably or will it be too cramped?

Most of us would love a double basin and vanity, a huge shower with a seat and a bath that Cleopatra would feel at home in but it’s often unrealistic. Being honest about how much space you have to work with is critical in planning your bathroom and you should begin here. If your bathroom is tiny don’t over fill it as it will become cramped and unpleasant to use. Think about losing the bath and making the shower something special. Equally having an enormous bath isn’t always desirable either. The best bathrooms create a sense of space whilst having everything easy to use and access.

Get inspiration from bathrooms shaped like yours.

It’s easy to love bathrooms that aren’t anything like yours. So look deeper than the colour, feel and fixtures when getting inspired. Make sure you gather inspiration from bathrooms shaped like yours, and not just that enormous light filled bathroom in the rainforest. Examine how they’ve placed the key elements in the room and the scale of them.

Play with the layout.

Create a floorplan on a piece of paper or online and play with the elements you want to include. Ideally make sure they are to scale. Imagine how you would use the space, visualise yourself walking into the room. Ask yourself what do I need to reach in the shower or when I get out of the bath. Have fun and try different configurations to find the one that works best for you. The Caroma bathroom visualiser tool could be a great help here.

Don’t forget the light

Light can make a bathroom. It brings a sense of the outdoors in and makes a space feel airy and welcoming. When planning your bathroom space think about windows and skylights and how to maximise them. For example, if your bathroom gets morning light think about placing your shower where you can enjoy it, showering in the morning sunlight is truly magical. Or perhaps you want to enjoy a sunset soak by a window that gets the evening light. If you don’t have a lot of natural light don’t panic, think about adding dramatic lighting and where to place it in the room to bring a sense of drama to an otherwise dark space.

Check out the codes (or ask your plumber)

There are building codes you need to be aware of when planning your bathroom space. How close the shower can be from the toilet, how much space you need between key elements. Check out your state’s bathroom building codes or ask your plumber early in the process so you don’t get caught up mid build.

Get some professional help

It is often overwhelming designing a bathroom as there is a lot to think about. Getting help from a professional can make the experience easy and more enjoyable. After all the people who plan bathroom spaces everyday probably have some great ideas. Bring photos or your floorplan to help them get a sense of the space. The team at Caroma are always happy to help, we have designers on site to help with your project. Get inspired by exploring our site or make an appointment at one of our showrooms.

The Importance Of Spatial Planning In Your Bathroom

The Importance Of Spatial Planning In Your Bathroom

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