14 Oct 2021 by Con-form Group

Our chat with Engineers Australia: Challenging traditional methods

Con-form Group Managing Director Nigel Cro, spoke with Engineers Australia about the challenges of mechanical equipment mounting. Along with Mr Geoff Ball, a structural engineer with 40+ years experience and Principal at Vision Structures, he and Nigel spoke about why we need to look inwards at Australia’s resources to find innovative and future proofed HVACR mounting solutions.

With almost 400 registered participants to the live webinar, we were excited to see the amount of interest in the topic.

“The way mechanical plant mounting has been addressed needs to be thoroughly reviewed industry wide. Mechanical equipment is fluid, ever changing and customised to a building. How can engineers design a HVACR platform into the base build with complete accuracy?” said Mr Cro.

Along with Australia facing a significant supply shortage in steel, Mr Cro and Mr Ball discuss why we need to find more effective long term solutions for mounting mechanical equipment for all roof types. Mr Cro also explores a case into the elimination of structural steel mechanical equipment platforms.

Watch here:

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