Cutting The Curves – CNC, A Key Piece of Equipment

20 Jul 2022 by Construction Specialties

Designers are always looking for new ways to push the boundaries with their projects. The greater the choice of colour options, interesting patterns, textures or shapes – the better! As CS we are always searching for new creative options and clever solutions to help making buildings better.

Every project is different, with the larger more prestigious commercial projects always looking for something a bit different to stand out and to really meet the brief of the client.

When it comes to internal walling treatments and other internal areas, look and functionality are key. Colour and patterns are the main options to work with, but for some custom designs we can also create unique 3D shapes embedded into the surface for extra effect.

With local manufacturing capabilities at our Enfield, Sydney head office, Construction Specialties can bring all sorts of creative visions to life. We live and breathe our clients brief to adapt and present clever and creative solutions.

For example, recently CS have used their in-house CNC machine for a projects in NSW, Balgowlah Childcare. This project required a more playful treatment of walling areas. The CNC machine can make all sorts of interesting shapes, like the wavy design featured on the doors, as the client wanted a more playful design to capture the attention of children.

As explained by our expert operator, the CNC machine processes a piece of material to meet the exact specifications by following each coded programmed instruction. With state of the art fully enclosed auto tool change carousel, travelling on the gantry, provides rapid tool change at any position along the x axis. The soft touch tool tip sensor automatically measures each tool length and records this to the machine’s memory.

At CS, our passion is your project. We will work with you from the very early stages of your concept design to present a range of solutions to ‘make your building better’. Touch base with our team at the early stages of your design for maximum assistance.

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Cutting The Curves – CNC, A Key Piece of Equipment

Cutting The Curves – CNC, A Key Piece of Equipment

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Our vision, “Creating products that make buildings better”  is one that we take very seriously. We make products that help form life spaces in which people work, learn and receive healthcare. The makeup of the products, the process by which they are made, and our behaviours are all led by our vision.Founded in the United States, CS has been a global manufacturer and supplier of a range of specialist building products for over 70 years. Operating through 25 offices worldwide, with key manufacturing locations or sales offices in most European countries, we employ over 2,000 people.With 40+ registered product patents, our product ranges include wall protection systems, entrance matting systems, specialist coatings for walls and floors, expansion joint covers, solar shading, louvres, cubicle curtain track and pressure relief systems. These have been successfully installed in many of the world’s most prestigious buildings, across a spectrum of business sectors including healthcare, transport, retail, education, leisure and commercial offices. CS has been operating in Australia for over 30 years and our products have been chosen to feature on hundreds of major construction works across the country including the National Art Gallery, the Australian National University, the Sydney Domestic Terminal, the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the Victorian Desalination Plant and the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.


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